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Eighteen years old, clever and SO HOT
Bibi C - Eighteen years old, clever and SO HOT

Sometimes a beautiful teen drops in, that makes your jaw drop and your eyes pop out on springs. Bibi is such a babe. Eighteen years old, clever and SO HOT and just when you thought things couldn't get better, she announced that she had a "Daisy Duke" outfit to wear! That means folks, tiny denim shorts, cowboy boots and shirt tied up. To be honest I just couldn't wait to rip them down, which I promptly did when we returned to the apartment. First of all Lara filmed her usual, bit of single girl stuff whilst I was chewing my nails, squatting on the floor, rocking from side to side! When she gave me the green light I leapt across the room like a maniac and grabbed Bibi and plunged my hand down the front of those cute little shorts. I'll let you imagine the rest!


DOUBLE TEEN sex orgy
Lucy - DOUBLE TEEN sex orgy

After that DOUBLE TEEN sex orgy on the bed, I barely had the strength to let the girls adjust their clothing and swan out into the main room for some more hardcore action. You have to admit, they looked totally gorgeous in those skimpy tight dresses and heels. I didn't realise that Loz was up for some hardcore ANAL ACTION!! Can you imagine it? It was great being smothered by these two rampant teens and to know there was some bum fun on the agenda drove me wild with lust, especially with Lucy there to help. You will remember I met Lucy when she was a mere, innocent film studies student and the fact that I had coaxed her over to the Dark Side, filled my heart with pride and as I looked at Lucy with my dick jammed in her mouth, I said to myself, "I done good!"


Double teen bedroom orgy!
Lucy - Double teen bedroom orgy!

Well you're in for a treat, because just for you, I've brought back, two of the sites favourite teens! Yes, it's Loz and Lucy in an all out double-teen frenzy of fun! What could be more wonderful than having a beautiful teen on a bed to have fun with? Having TWO teens on a bed to have fun with!! First, I left my secret camcorder on to eavesdrop, whilst they were changing and naturally being 2 SEXY TEENS, they had to start groping each other, at which point yours truly made his entrance and jumped on the bed with them, gripping my camcorder to get some, ON THE BED WITH TWO TEENS BLOW JOB AND AWKWARD FUCKING ACTION!!! Don't ask me why I always do this stuff in caps, I can't help it!


Tiffany Doll in Anal "Ooh La! La!"
Tiffanny Doll - Tiffany Doll in Anal "Ooh La! La!"

A few weeks ago you will remember the delightful Tiffany Doll, dressing up in a little kilt, knee highs and so on and doing her stuff. Well, believe it or not, she's back for some, "Amusement, porte de service!" I couldn't believe it when she phoned me and announced, "'Ello Jim, mon petite little ross biff, I am wanting to retourner pour le, 'ow you say, all anal action, how do you thinking mon cherie avec ketchup?" Naturally, "I said, you can come back as long as you will speak as much French as possible because it turns me on!" Even when she announced, "La toilette est bloquée!", it gave me a raging hard-on!


Crazed antics of Angel Long
Angel Long - Crazed antics of Angel Long

Hi folks, I'm in Budapest at the moment filming yet more lovelies for you all. This week we continue with the crazed antics of Angel Long. At this point in the proceedings, I felt like I'd being beaten to a pulp in the boxing ring as Angel was insatiable and was desperate for more depraved action. She wasted no time in hoisting my dick into her arse which was as tight as The Bank of England. At this point I just let her get on with it, I was like a mere puppet and she, the sex-crazed puppet-master, yanking my strings into any position she so desired!This has got to be one of the hottest scenes on the site ever!


Sluts revisited month
Angel Long - Sluts revisited month

Welcome to Jim Slip's, "Sluts revisited" month! This is where especially slutty girls from the past have been brought back for more fun. This week we have an audience with Angel Long. Many will recall Angel's first appearance on the site some 6 years ago and at the time she was a pretty wanton slut. NOW SHE'S EVEN WORSE!! Yes, this week she lies on a bed with me and recalls, tales of her exploits, whilst jamming my dick into her mouth, which would be quite difficult to do for most girls, but not for "Crowned Queen of Sluts", Angel Long, who managed to suck my dick, tell her story, sniff the bed sheets and get fucked virtually all at the same time!


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