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Bianka is far too hot to waste
Bianka - Bianka is far too hot to waste

We had to split this update in half, 1/ Because, heartbroken, Sir Cecil Porkinson-Bangor DSO MBE DFS had slammed the camera down and was balancing on the edge of the balcony threatening to throw himself to his death 100ft below. I for one, was more than happy to give him a push, but Bianka stopped me and coaxed him back, with a jumbo sausage in batter, to continue filming our scene. 2/ Bianka is far too hot to waste in a single week. So here we have some hot, teen. anal action for your delectation!


Teen Treat Bianka Lovely
Bianka - Teen Treat Bianka Lovely

This week we have a Teen Treat for you, in the form of Bianka Lovely, European porn's, "Queen of the Teens". My cameraman Cecil Porkinson-Bangor DSO, MBE DFS, nearly choked on his jumbo pork pie when he laid eyes on her and he instantly professed his undying love for her. Although I can't imagine that Bianka was tempted by a 28 stone, morbidly obese,alcoholic, ex diplomat as is Cecil. Anyway, Bianka was up for everything and more including some hot anal action, which she saved for the end. We dressed her up in a rather cute summer dress and some socks, which she looked great in and got stuck in.


Dip her feet into the murky pool
Christine Love - Dip her feet into the murky pool

This week we have the lovely Christine Love who had decided to dip her feet into the murky pool of porn and just arrived on the night train from Scotland. She announced that she didn't like the "Glam look" that is so common in porn these days. Well , "Who does?" I asked. Anyway, I got her back to my lair and inspected her very pert, round arse, before dressing her in an elegant looking dress, stockings and high heels. As you all know, I would have normally adorned her with slutty clobber, but it didn't seem appropriate with Christine. All the same she did a great scene!


Amira impress Lara with her single girl antics
Amira de Leon - Amira impress Lara with her single girl antics

This week we meet the lovely and exotic Amira. Bringing with her the wonders of the mysterious East, which she'd hidden in her skimpy denim shorts and which I couldn't wait to explore! When I stumbled on Amira she was gleaning some interesting facts on the English way of life by reading, "The Life of Frederick West" which I suspect she'd been given by her sleazy sea-side landlord. Anyway, in spite of reading about the antics of 'Ol Fred, she was very keen on accompanying me back to my place for some camcorder capers. It seemed appropriate to put her in the mode of a sexy schoolgirl and she then continued to impress Lara with her single girl antics, however what she really desired was some hard fucking, to which I happily obliged!


Fuck your brains out
Barbie Knight - Fuck your brains out

This week we are back in Budapest,"European City of Bottoms". Yes, yet again we have a cute little Hungarian blonde babe for your delectation!. Where else on Earth can you find girls which such perfect bottoms? In fact where in this Galaxy can you find such girls and finally where else would you find such a cute girl as Barbie who is quite happy to stuff her tongue down the back of your throat and then feast on your dick with total gusto and finally fuck your brains out. "Where?" I hear you ask, "Budapest" I reply!


a hard-as-nails slut
Valentina Cruz - a hard-as-nails slut

The abuse that I have to put up with when I am roaming about looking for "fresh meat" is amply demonstrated by my meeting with Valentina. As soon as I approached her she let rip with a stream of abuse, which I tolerated because I had a sneaky suspicion that underneath that hard-as-nails exterior was a hard-as-nails slut, lurking and ready to pounce. Well after 300 scenes, I do have a 6th sense when it comes to detecting slutty babes and Valentina made an amazing transformation from monster to gorgeous sexy babe.She made her appearance wearing some skin-tight sexy hot pants and boots which had my eyes popping out on springs!


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