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Festival of Pornstars
Brooke Jameson - Festival of Pornstars

This week we continue the "Festival of Pornstars" with the lovely Brooke, nonchalantly, preparing for a good old anal rodgering. These pornstars are game for anything and look at an anal scene without blinking an eyelid. Next week we are back to the "Girl next door" look with the gorgeous Priscilla, so watch out for that!


Cavalcade of pornstars with the delectable Brooke Jameson
Brooke Jameson - Cavalcade of pornstars with the delectable Brooke Jameson

This week we are continuing with the cavalcade of pornstars with the delectable Brooke Jameson. Like Kerry, Brooke is everything you'd want in your local pornstar babe, long legs, GIANT JUGGS, insatiable sexual other words the kind of girl YOU ARE NOT going to invite back to meet mother, well, unless you're "Norman Bates!" Anyway, she was kitted out in sexy pink fishnets and those hot little denim shorts all the girls are wearing now. She also had some strange woolly leg warmers, that she informed me had come from a Lama. Rather shocking she said the Lama was now happily walking with two prothstetic front legs! Well, what a pornstar wants a pornstar gets! Anyway, she wasted no time in swallowing my dick and devouring it for all it was worth and I was determined to make the most of her gorgeous "Rack!"


British Pornstar festival of filth!
Kerry Louise - British Pornstar festival of filth!

This week after many attempts, I have managed to get my paws on the lovely British pornstar, Kerry Louise. I was simply stunned by her GINORMOUS JUICY JUGGS which were about the size of 2 of my heads! This girl lives and breathes hardcore porno action and when unleashed, she made mince-meat out of me. She stormed into the room, grabbed me and demanded that I fuck her brains out. She was wearing a tiny ripped top and a micro mini, that was so small, that you needed a microscope to see it! Well, who was I to argue with her demand? But I can assure you that my back gave me some jip and make no mistake about it, guv'nor, after our rampant session!


Sexy housewife dwarf mayhem!
Rebecca Ryder - Sexy housewife dwarf mayhem!

What's going on in the UK? Every time I approach a housewife for some, "Sexy times", invariably, she has previously been involved in some depraved porno action! Frankly, I was shocked when Rebecca described her previous escapades in porn, with films like, "Snow White and the 27 Dwarves" and "Vomiting Vixens meet the Mucky Midgets!". I thought she was an innocent housewife going about her chores, but | was wrong, she was a wanton slut, who demanded hot BUM-HOLE ACTION! In my day, "Housewives" were dainty and cute with set hair and gloves, A Line dresses and high heels. They also wore stockings and suspenders underneath....................FUCK what am I saying, I'd love to have a time machine and go back to those days!


Good girl goes bad!
Jess - Good girl goes bad!

Well, do we have a treat for you this week. I met the lovely Jess roaming the North Downs of Surrey. She told me she was doing, "Women's Studies" at university and as she was short of cash wanted to do a hot sex scene with me. The fact that she was studying "Womens Studies" or as some might quip, another name for the course could be, "All men are rapists....discuss," intrigued me, as she admitted that her head tutor was indeed a moustached, donkey-jacketed, cropped haired lesbian, who's favourite saying was, "The only good place for a man is buried under my patio!" To be honest I thought Jess would hate every second of her scene with me, but, au contraire, she was as rampant as fuck, in fact you'll never believe her metamorphosis from earnest student to school uniform clad, sex-kitten!


A not so innocent French student
Tiffanny Doll - A not so innocent French student

Well as promised, here is the delighful, sexy, teen, Tiffany, a not so innocent French student, over here, learning English. I stumbled on her as I roamed the streets unchecked, complete with cape and secret camcorder, like a character from Victorian London.( NOTE to the "Young folk" out there.They didn't have camcorders and TV's, in Victorian times, in fact they'd just invented movie cameras, which were very cumbersome and would have had to be disguised in a horse drawn carriage and powered by steam) Anyway, back to Tiffany, quite simply, she chose a cute little kilt to wear and over knee socks, "Quel surprise", I hear you say. All I can say is, "Ooh La! La!"


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